Avi Lago’s Show

Myself and Anton had the pleasure of being guests on the Avi Lago Show last night. We met Avi midday at the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow. We spent the day visiting interesting magic and occult related shops, walking down the river Kelvin, visiting Glasgow Cathedral, the Necropolis and Lady Well. We had many long conversations before the evening.

Avi runs his show from his home where we received a warm welcome. We were treated to some lovely home-made soup and humus before the show and to a full supper afterwards. We also tried some delicious Indian tea made with freshly prepared spices. The show itself took place in a room that could only be accurately described as a temple. It’s a lovely atmospheric space full of books and figurines. Incense smoke rising from the altar filled the space with a pleasant aroma and it drew my attention to a beautiful Kali figurine and a very heavy stone with a carving of Ida and Pingala serpents. I was also welcomed by lovely little person who guards the space.

Being on the show was really amazing. Avi knows how to be a great host and make you feel comfortable. The private setting made this a truly magickal experience. I will be more than happy to appear on the show again someday.

One of the subjects we kept coming back to throughout the show was interactions with spirits. Myself and Anton mentioned a goddess we often see in the Lower Falls of Foyers as well as seeing trolls in tree stumps and other natural forms. I feel it’s most appropriate to illustrate this with a couple of photos capturing such appearances. The first one was taken in Foyers during KIA Retreat 2012 and it shows the goddess of the falls. The second photo was taken in Roslin Forest last autumn. This one is an excellent example of forest troll.