Conjunctio: DKMU godform cycle week nine

The week of Conjunctio was a very intense and strange climax to the whole cycle. We were given clear instructions to follow in the previous weeks and had to carry them out. The main objectives were performing and filming a Conjunctio Mass and visiting Boleskine house to awaken Jena, the Giantess Troll Goddess.

It seemed appropriate that we collaborate on the sigil for Conjunctio. Anton did the sigil itself and I added the background colours. The idea was that each of the godforms will be represented by a colour. Red for LS and Red King, black for Trigag, blue for Zalty, grey for 663, white for White Queen, salmon for Ino, black and white for Enu and Null and pink for Conjunctio.I also composed the incense using some left over Abramelin Incense combined with incenses for each of the godforms. The altar was themed on red and white and included an item representing each of the DKMU godforms.

In some way, I felt Conjunctio the strongest on the first evening. I didn’t get a sense of a distinct personality, but a collective voice of all the spirits. I had a vision of being surrounded by them in a  circle and they all spoke in unison.

The experience was connected to the external events and seemed a result of our magick. Earlier during Eno and Nul, I started the Save Boleskine House Facebook group. On Wednesday, just as we entered Conjunctio, the group suddenly exploded and its membership grew to 300 people. With this came all the necessary admin and moderation work, not to mention answering the many questions from an excited magickal audience, who wanted to know more. It was overwhelming, especially considering all the magical work we needed to be doing on top of starting up this project. My feeling was that Conjunctio was smiling at us with a mischievous grin. I ended up asking myself. Do I really need to deal with this right now?

Thoth Tarot: 8 of Wands Swiftness

Fire is no longer conjoined with the ideas of combustion and destruction. It represents energy in its most exalted and tenuous sense.

A swift motion heading towards the aim, intentions carried out at least, as well a meeting offering new possibilities.

Automatic Drawing
Conjunctio Mass

Our weekend working focused on performing a Conjunctio Mass. We decided to do it as a video ritual. Our living room transformed into a  small temple and studio space where we could more comfortably wear our robes and perform each part of the ritual. We were so absorbed by the filming process that I took no photographs to share. We started in the early evening and finished when it was daylight again. It took us 12 hours to film the whole thing.

We performed the Conjunctio Mass again on Sunday but this time we did so with no recording equipment, focusing on the flow of the ritual form. Conjunctio communicated to me a short set of instructions regarding our visit to Boleskine house and what to do there.

Awakening Jena.

We created a small sigil drawing representing Jena and the Falls of Foyers of which she is a goddess. We visited the falls and charged the sigil with her power before taking a stroll to Boleskine. Both Anton and I came down with a nasty cold, so carrying out this plan took a lot out of us. However, Conjunctio said we would not regret doing it and perhaps regret not doing it!

We waited out a quiet moment to go up to the house. As we approached the main entrance we found Zalty’s book with a white ship lying just in front of the house. We put it in the bag and went inside. We took some video shots and photographs of the house, for the record.

After walking around the ruins we entered the most preserved part of the house and proceeded with magick. We started by consuming sacraments to awaken Jena. Once this part of the ritual was done, I drew three sigils each in a different wing of the house. I sprinkled the ground with the magick powder of Conjunctio incense and chilli for protection. After that, I lit up rose incense in both wings and the centre of the house and anointed walls with Abramelin Oil to consecrate it. The magick was done and we were ready to stroll back to Foyers to toast the adventure with some cider overlooking Loch Ness. I felt a real sense of closure after that.

The end and the beginning

The final day was really wrapping it all up, thanking the godforms for participating and communing with us. We both had to take care of our physical bodies and give ourselves needed rest to help get over the cold.

We smoked the house with Conjunctio incense and performed the evocation for the last time during this cycle. After meditation in front of the sigil, we opened a couple of fortune cookies. They said: you are energetic and self-motivated for Anton and your example will inspire others for me.  We closed the ritual by doing the KIAO banishing in 4 directions.

Although we were ending the Godform Cycle, it was very clear to me that this was really only a beginning of a much larger adventure. We received a lot of very useful and practical advice from the DKMU godforms. Now that the magickal operation was completed, a time came to put all of it into practice.