Abramelin Oil: macerating my first batch


To begin with I decided to focus  on the oil. I read about maceration methods and decided to create oils using both hot and cold maceration. I also experimented with few different alternative ingredients. The last two variables concerned using whole pieces or powdered ingredients and lastly replacing dried with fresh materials where possible. I ended up with 12 bottles of oil. All I could do at this point was to wait.


Labeled bottles of macerated oil

After initial period of 3 months I opened the bottles and smelled the results. The scent was there but it seemed a bit faint so I decided to leave them for a bit longer. I also decided to try double maceration with some of the bottles. I described my results on abramelin wiki created for this purpose.

I really appreciate the experience of macerating the oils. I perceive it as a form of meditative discipline that allows one to connect to the ingredients of the oil. Being in control of the process gives a chance to notice nuances produced by use of dry or raw ingredients etc. something we will not understand unless we macerate our own batch.  The resulting oils have a very delicate scent even after multiple macerations and will not rival essential oils in their intensity but might be more interesting in their subtle complexities.