Magick Bag

It has been a long time since I have created my first magick bag. I did so during travel to Babia Góra (Witches’ Mountain) in 2004. The bag has been created in a very similar way to what many people call a mojo. This bags purpose has been to bring  a good fortune and to stay connected to the amazing space time of my ravel. I feel it certainly served its purpose and eventually it fell apart.

I went without such bag for number of years and recently I began missing it. It so happened that during my recent autumn equinox travel I found a piece of hessian fabric on a jar of very tasty pickled cucumbers. It was a perfect size to make a small bag.


In the following days I picked various leaves, herbs, flowers etc. to put inside. I chose everything that drew my attention to itself. The intention behind this bag is to strengthen my magick and myself. It will help me stay connected to the spirits of the places I took materials from. On the last night of the holiday I gathered all the materials together with a small bottle of healing water from a spring in Szczawnica. I placed them on my pentacle and left to charge in the moonlight. I lit couple of candles on each side. During this time I enjoyed evening bonfire and did some fire divination.

P1890644 After few hours I came back to my pentacle and put together the bag. Not all items could fit in. After choosing the ones I felt were most important I added some more at random and burned the rest in the bonfire. I finished by decorating it with colorful ribbons. Upon returning home I placed my bag in my dream box. I have found that since I did so I have many vivid dreams involving my family and places I visited during the holiday.