Enu Null: DKMU godform cycle week eight

Putting together an altar for Enu Null was very fun. I felt inspired to dig out all sort of toys, children books etc. I also felt it was appropriate to include tools representing all of my main interests. I put pen to represent writing, a video and photo cameras to represent film making and photography and so on. The altar naturally divided into two sides one representing Enu and the other Nul. I composed incense for them from benzoin, orange peel and star anise. It has a delightful sweet, candy like aroma. To finish off setting it all up I nipped out to  a corner shop to pick up some jelly beans. Naturally child entities will appreciate them!

The first impression of Enu Null was of the two children, very much troll like. Perhaps this was influenced by placing a couple of troll bottle tops on the chessboard in the middle of the altar.They seemed busy playing and totally distracted. All I managed to get out of them was an invitation to eat some jelly beans. The altar and atmosphere inevitably took me back to my own childhood and I remembered a couple of photographs I took when I was 11. It was my first ever attempt at something artistic. They weren’t great but meant a lot to me and Enu and Nul suggested I put them on the altar.

Our next meeting was preceded by myself and Anton playing my childhood favourite Super Labyrinth. We felt inspired to behave like kids and do child like things so I took out an old box and we started playing. As we did we imagined a similar game that instead of treasures uses sigils and other representation of spirits. We tried to match the existing ones to DKMU gods but only one that made sense is black cat as 663. Funnily enough it was my first treasure and I managed to get to it right away. It was definitely my lucky one.

Enu and Null gave me a boost of inspiration and creative fun. I didn’t find that I could communicated with them in the same way I did with previous godforms. They didn’t visit me in my dreams or engaged me in a  direct conversation. They insisted on sharing jelly beans and giving me ideas for different projects and how to run them. They suggested that when I do automatic drawing I use Japanese calligraphy pen instead of a pencil. I managed to dig it out and the following drawing resulted.

Automatic drawing

Ghetto Tarot: 10 of Brooms and 2 of cups

10 of Brooms was from Nul:

We are never asked to shoulder more than we can carry. It is sometimes good to stop and ask ‘do I really need to do this?’ Find a healing outlet for this burden. Allow yourself to feel the weight and do anything to shake up your energy and allow it to circulate freely.

and 2 of Cups from Enu:

Before we can truly love another we must learn to love ourselves, to love and accept all of the different facets of our personality. By releasing doubt and uncertainty we become able to love others without hesitation and without regret.

Magick pencil case

The main suggestion I received from Enu Nul was to put together a travelling pencil case that includes objects useful  for magick such as marker pens, chalk, pendulum, dice and tarot cards. They want me to take it with me next time I travel. I followed up on their suggestion and got a case and filled it up. It can double as a portable altar or a shrine.

Giantess dream

Towards the end of the week I had a strange dream. I was in  a water shopping centre where people moved between the ails in boats. There was supposedly a water monster dwelling in the flooded basement (Trigag ?). I overheard a woman telling  a group of interested audience about development in new technology that allows people to change size. This was very ‘Alice in wonderland’ themed. She said people can shrink or grow at will with this new tech and she added that shrinking to a miniature size is predicted to be popular with girls. I disliked her suggestion since it had clearly sexist overtones. I shouted on top of my lungs, so everyone could hear it They would rather turn into giantesses!!! Anton suggested that this could be connected to the Troll goddess he was told about by other godforms during the cycle.