Sound Art

P1360582World of sound has a unique evocative character and I hope to bring this quality into my films and magick. As part of Glen Faramach project I visit various locations and record their ambience. I edit these recordings to produce the best quality and  atmosphere. I use my recordings for the sound in I also incorporate them into rituals.

I take great pleasure in editing and mixing sound. There seem nothing quite like spending an evening with my headphones on my ears and  cup of coffee in my hand. That said, staying motionless for 10 minutes to capture the sound of raven’s mating display  on Isle of Skye in the middle of winter after being chased by an angry pig farmer bits it all.  Listening to a wind storm going over the island does so too.

Storm Nemo Recording

I enter a deep meditation when I record sound. Doing so enables me to capture it without distortions but it also makes the process a form of magick. I open my ears to the world and listen out for the sounds, as they flow in. That way I now when to end the recording without missing out the best bits.

My next project involves mixing my sound recordings with some simple drumming to create trance inducive music.

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