Learning from the Victory

Following on from my article Magi for Chelsea Manning.

It has been nearly two months since president Obama commuted Chelsea Manning’s sentence. We did some very involved magick in the days preceding the commutation and this surely felt like a great victory for all of us in the Magi for Chelsea Manning group. Not only will she go free on the 17 May 2017 but her supporters managed to put together a welcome home fund to cover her expenses as she transitions from her life in prison. It was a piece of good magick. I hope it will always work so well!

I am writing this not only to celebrate our victory and Chelsea’s upcoming freedom but also to look back at our endeavours and to consider why they were successful. I never tried to work so hard on magickal activism before. The most political project I ever got involved in must be Operation Intruder. I found it incredibly fun to do collaborative magick and in my experience doings so often generates positive results.

Working together.

Setting up Magi for Chelsea Manning was definitely a good idea. Having other magicians contributing and collaborating with me was both empowering and motivating. Even if some group members seemed to only like and cheer the rest, their presence was providing much needed moral support. I have no doubt that  each out of  23 members contributed immensely to the success of the project.

Listening to criticism.

Another aspect that in my opinion helped was to take on board the feedback of magicians who decided not to take part. It’s very easy to take such refusals personally and become dismissive of the received critique. I am thinking in particular about the belief in the binding power of the oath and inevitability of punishment upon braking it. I found it so prevalent that I could not ignore it, even though I do not believe in it myself. It occurred to me that if so many people empower such notion then it must live within the collective unconscious and influence all of us. Understanding that we will all be involuntarily affected  led me to finding the solution. In a sense the magicians who refused to participate enriched and empowered the project too. I think that is amazing.

Single Minded Focus.

Completing long term magical workings requires discipline. This doesn’t have to mean a regular daily routine, such as in Abramelin and similar operations. It can mean concentrated bursts of intense, single minded practice dispersed overtime. I  found this much more effective. Having periods of rest and regeneration can really help to make sure that you are at the top of your form when the time is right.


In the case of this project, timing was everything. Synchronising our ritual to the timing of external events was a very good strategy. It provided us with a good workable schedule and helped to empower the activists campaigning for Chelsea. Obama leaving office provided a window of opportunity that could not be missed. Working to a deadline made it easier to organize and motivate.

Anchor in reality

Doing activism alongside magick provided a much needed anchor in reality. Like with any other spell or intention, creating a pathway along which it can manifest is essential. In a sense, in this project activism facilitated magick. The social media campaign #HugsforChelsea could be considered a metasigil and participating in it definitely felt like a form of a meditative practice or mantra. Each new tweet or share was like another bead on the mala or a rosary taking us closer to victory. Another important anchor was writing letters to both Chelsea and to Obama. Creating a connection to both of them in real life allowed an easier influencing of the result.


It occurred to me that taking on criticism of other magicians wouldn’t have led me to finding a solution unless I did all the research for my upcoming book “aimonic Essence”. Researching and working with Abramelin oil and related formulas meant that I knew of its  pagan origins and uses that it was put to. My knowledge of the ancient lore provided a solution to a problem that many magicians couldn’t find.

Brink of madness

Last, but certainly not lest, after doing the magick on behalf of Chelsea I am certain that what makes magick successful is putting all of yourself into it and letting yourself be transformed in the process.  Shaving my head for Chelsea was very challenging. I wasn’t sure if it wasn’t taking it too far. It felt like begin fanatical.  In last days of Obama’s presidency I could barely eat and had trouble sleeping. There is no denying that I got deeply emotionally involved. I even invoked Chelsea into myself.

Putting so much of myself into it was very risky psychologically. Realising how hard  the last months were for me despite our victory I dread to think of the consequences in case we were defeated. The failure could have meant being plunged much deeper into suicidal depression. This experience, like countless others, convinced me that if the magick doesn’t cause you to ask if you are going too far, you are most likely not going far enough. One might ask is the victory worth the risk? In the case of Magi for Chelsea Manning I have no doubt that it is.

I consider this project  a victory because Chelsea’s sentence has been commuted but this doesn’t change the fact that she is still in prison and will have to transition into 45’s new reality upon her release. Our pace at Magi for Chelsea Manning has slowed down but we are still doing protection for her and we are happy to welcome new supporters. It will help if you drop me a private message when you request the add since we had some alt-right nazis requesting to be added.






2 thoughts on “Learning from the Victory

  1. Very powerful magick indeed!
    As for the “Brink of madness” bit- haha. I guess that’s what makes magick tricky. The world is already full of fanatics. We don’t want to join them.

    I would like to add my own bit about fanaticism in magick.

    As a part of work with my shadow self I have come to realise I that easily form obsessions about people and ideas I get interested in. Best example was my teenage obsession about Marilyn Manson. It lasted less than three years, but it was so intense that when it ended I felt like I have lost guidance in life. This teenage obsession became part of my shadow. I forgot about it for years and when it occasionally came back in my memories I was trying to deny it, feeling somewhat embarrassed. It was borderline a religious obsession and yes, they can be quite common in teenagers, but there’s no need to feel embarrassed. Quite opposite actually.

    A few years ago I obtained a copy of the Tantric Thelema book by Saw Webster and his writings made me aware of the positive function of a guru. Sam Webster explains how in Eastern cultures a guru was seen as alive personification of divine nature. Everything they said and did was perceived as a direct manifestation of divine wisdom. However it was not the guru themselves who turned students into enlightened beings. It was student’s own devotion that did the work. The more devotion and admiration a student was able to awaken, the more wisdom they managed to receive in the process. In this way a guru became a medium, a reflection of the student’s own divine nature. No books would ever be able to provide such an intensity of experience. Those who awoke full devotion towards their gurus awoke full devotion towards their own divine selves. Those who scorned their gurus were lost. They didn’t learn anything.

    Obvious danger of having a guru is that you may end up getting horribly brainwashed. We all know such horrific stories. I don’t need to quote any. This is why Sam Webster recommends to treat every human you encounter as your teacher. “I vow to perceive every phenomenon as a direct contact between the God and my soul”- If I remember correctly that’s the vow of Magister Templi grade of the Golden Dawn. It’s a highly ecstatic attitude and it certainly works. I’ve tried to apply it to my life and brings me mindblowing effects. At times the world seem to really bend to my wishes, especially in my relationships with people. Times when the world treats you harshly can be seen as manifestations of the trickster. In that way even worst mistakes appear to be lessons.

    With an obvious shortage of gurus in our world we can use Joseph Campbell’s personal recommendation- choose an author, a philosopher whom you admire and study them excessively. Then follow this person’s inspirations, people they were influenced by, things that helped to shape their lifeviews etc. He said that this kind of approach brought a lot better experience than simply reading many different unrelated books. It allows you to see a bigger picture and build a very personal experience of your idol, even if you never meet them in person. That’s exactly how I look at my teenage obsession with Manson. Through extensive research of his philosophical backgrounds I discovered Aleister Crowley and that’s where my journey with the occult began for good. What is even more amusing, I recently started to make friends with young Marilyn Manson fans- 19-20 year old kids. We have lots in common. It is quite incredible really.

    In summary fanaticism can be a good thing as long as one is being careful with it.

    Biggest risk of fanaticism is what I call a “messiah trip†when a person starts to see themselves as a literal personification of a deity. One of my schizophrenic friends became convinced he was Jesus. Strangely enough he was a Manson’s fan too back in a day…During worst of his delusion episodes he climbed up to a roof of a building shouting and demanding for people to kneel to his powers. His girlfriend of the time ended up phoning the police. He was a spiritually inclined guy, heavily misguided. He killed himself eventually a few months ago. Funny enough I currently live in his old room…

    My advice would be -do whatever it takes, but don’t lose touch with the mundane. Chop wood, carry water and shift the Universe in the process.

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  2. It will be a big relief once Chelsea is finally out. I got so excited when Obama announced her release as one of his final acts in office. A lot of people, including magicians, had been trying to tell us we were enchanting for the impossible. I wonder how they feel now…

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