Power and Magic Anthology

Recently I came across the kickstarter for Power and Magic Anthology. It contains 15 comics about queer witches of color, created by 17 women, demigirls, and bigender people of color. This anthology is the kind of project I have been waiting for.  The occult community with its wide diversity of practitioners has produced many amazing books, stories and art. Although women constitute a large proportion of the magickal scene they often seem under-represented on occult podcasts, in magazines, books and other publications.

witch_featuredPeople who get interested in magick often do so because they are searching for alternative perspectives and ideas. In many cases they want to find a value system and lifestyle that can reflect their inner selves. Mainstream society being male dominated pushes aside people not conforming to the ideals of heterosexual masculinity. Even counter culture doesn’t escape this bias. Power and Magick Anthology gives space for LGBT witches to express themselves and tell their stories. I consider this very valuable and worth supporting.

LGBT issues take central stage in my life. Myself and my spouse both consider ourselves bisexual and of non binary gender. Many of my friends and family belong to the LGBT community and I suspect few more didn’t come out yet. Many of my LGBT friends also share interest in magick, witchcraft and the occult. I appreciate their knowledge and unique perspectives. I do so especially since so many magical groups focus on heteronormative narratives, rituals and beliefs. Some can even be openly hostile towards queer magicians, an attitude that most certainly needs to be challenged. It feels very encouraging to see a project that celebrates individuality for a change.

I also deeply appreciate having a chance to read stories from people of colour.  When I decided to emigrate to the U.K. I imagined making friends with people of different ethnicities, nationalities etc. It seems like an exciting opportunity to challenge the sheltered culture I was brought up in. After living here for 11 years I noticed with sadness that the vast majority of my friends are still white Europeans. I am not choosing  friends for their skin colour or birth place and yet the invisible wall exists somehow. Power and Magick Anthology certainly helps to breach it. It shows that  individuality and uniqueness have power to manifest and make an impact despite of the challenges.


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