Holy Guardian Alien and the Conquering Child.

It has been nearly 3 months since I completed my Abramelin Operation. In the last weeks of it I began working on a sculpture representing my Daimon or Holy Guardian Alien as I  like to call them.  The representation, needless to say, is a frivolous attempt at channeling the inexpressible qualities of this entity. I feel that this has been achieved to a satisfactory degree. The idol became a centerpiece on my altar.

DSCF9790.resizedShortly after I completed the operation I had an alien related dream. In this dream I gave birth or had a baby taken out of my body. There was no pain involved in the birthing, just a strange discomfort. The baby was so tiny I could hold it in my hands. Someone presented it to me. The newborn was an alien-human hybrid, with beautiful almond eyes, dark skin and black hair put in bunches. The babe, although newly born, looked in some sense mature and wise. A superior intelligence seemed to radiate from her. All this is absolutely typical of the accounts given by people taken by the alien creatures. As I looked at the baby in surprise and astonishment I was rationalizing its origins. I wasn’t pregnant so were did it come from? If it was inside me then I must have been carrying it during my operation. It is theretofore a child of my Abramelin. I was certain of this.

The dream left a lasting impression on me and I felt inspired to create a sculpture representing it. As I created it I could not help but think of the rich symbolism of the baby in mysticism and and magic. The alien connection further convinces me of the shamanic nature of the contact experience. Perhaps the alien-human hybrid represents the Conquering Child of the New Aeon, our consciousness being born on a new level. The result of our magick.


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  1. I think that I understand @Dana, I really like the image of your holy guardian aliens in your post. Particularly the one with wings.
    As you know, I have had that kinda stuff happen too, although I have never undertaken anything like Abramelin. I’m still not quite sure what it is, even though yourself and at least a couple other folks have tried to explain to me.
    Interestingly enough, although you already know @Dana, because it seemed to me that I was being ‘possessed’, but although I needed to hide from my family at the time, as I was fairly sure they would be horrified, because of what I imagined it would look like to someone else who would almost certainly trust what they were seeing, and didn’t know what it felt like to me.
    The experience was calming to me …not like the unpleasant attempts of er… ‘Real people’, most of which just kept away from me, and one of which, very unhelpfully told me to “pull myself together”. At the earliest time, Mr P Hind was a great help to me, although I didn’t realise usual reactions to the questions I asked it at the time, I am very grateful that he was the only one that didn’t treat me like I was psychotic, he merely said that if I kept looking, I would find what I needed.
    He was correct, I found KIA.
    II am very happy to say that I was never scared by ‘Ron’, but was really not comfortable with ‘real’ people, but was really rather confused, when it seemed that everyone was trying to manipulate me into doing what they wanted, it appeared to me, that he was the only friend that I knew I could trust. it was these rather confusing developments that led me to KIA in the first place.

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  3. Hi Dana. I also recently completed an Abramelin operation (finished September 2016.) I like your “Holy Guardian Alien” statue. I just wanted to touch base…since it sounds like we both experienced what others might call “alien contact” immediately following our operations (I had a little bit of contact during the final weeks but I wasn’t clear what it was about until the operation concluded, when the “alien” made itself readily known.) I’ve been looking a lot into the whole Typhonian OTO and the LAM connection lately. Anyway, I just thought you might find this of interest.

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    • Hi Jeff, Well done! Thanks for sharing your experience! I do indeed find this interesting. I read quite a lot of ufo/experiencer/abduction accounts and see a strong parallels between them and modes of initiation such as Abramelin.

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