All Seeing Eyes


I am floating on my back… cast down! in a Wind of Light flashing down upon me from the immeasurable Above. (This Light is of a bluish silver tinge) And I saw that Face, lost above me in the height inscrutable: a face of absolute beauty. And I was as it were a Lamb slain in the Glamour of Those Eyes.

Perdurabo in

‘The book of the Operation of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage’.

During my evening meditation I had a strange vision. I perceived the presence of  an intelligent being. In my minds eye it appeared as a pair of large, bulging almond eyes. They were very black and had a sense of infinite depth about them. They were indescribably beautiful, peering into me softly but intensely. They could see all of my thoughts, feelings, memories, dreams. Nothing could be hidden from them. I felt completely transparent.

I asked the entity who it was. ‘I am the collective unconscious. I am not a part of you but you are a part of me.’

Speaking directly to the collective unconscious, who knows the deepest secrets of your soul, definitely felt creepy. But not in the sense of experiencing something malevolent. It was omnipotent, infinitely wise and unlimited by physicality. In addition, blissfully unconcerned with the rigid rules of reality. We exchanged feelings of mutual respect and friendliness.

The Collective Unconscious asked if It could manifest something for me. I pondered the possible dangers of a positive answer and wasteful ignorance of saying ‘no’. After a moment of contemplation I asked the Collective Unconscious to manifest my Holy Guardian Angel. It was a profoundly beautiful experience. One that reminded me of the symbol of the Eye of Providence.

These eyes are radiant, illuminating and fully embracing. just as you peel back layers of memory and experience with words that twist into the mind with surgical precision, the eyes strip you to the bare soul.

 Celeste in ‘assport to The Cosmos’

by John E. Mack.

Another association I could not help but notice was to experiences of alien contact where person is subjected to a ‘mind scan’, a procedure done  by  beings with huge almond eyes that peer into one’s psyche. This can be initially terrifying, mostly because ‘the eyes provide a kind of inescapable mirror of truth for the experiencer’. Once the the experiencer overcomes their fear, the eyes become the main point of connection. They feel overwhelmed with love and affection.

In the Abramelin Operation, the performing agent is supposed to make confession of their sins before god. I do not practice religion and have no clear concept of god or sin. To me such a confession would be meaningless and dogmatic.  When  I found myself being stared at by those Eyes, I experienced a much more profound confession than any words could convey. The Collective Unconscious could be a concept as close to God as a non religious person will ever get. Indeed one could postulate that mystical experience means entering its wondrous realm.



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  1. Thanks Dana,
    That’s beautiful. I have occasionally encountered the All Seeing Eyes through my lovers. It’s like you say- absolutely mind blowing. First time it has ever happened to me I was only 17, way too young to understand any of it. I remember this profound impression that I saw the eyes of a deity, the all loving divine presence, God- as understood by monotheistic religions. I knew it was something from outside the time and space, the inner soul of the universe.
    For whatever reason my mind finds it easier to channel this presence through another person. It is a mistake on some level. Perhaps the same mistake that created religions in the first place.
    Perhaps the very goal of Abramelin is to become one with the All Seeing Eyes, become One with the collective unconscious.

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  2. @tara I came across different schools of thought regarding possibility of such a union. In cultures such as Egypt people thought it possible to unite yourself with a deity or god and they used identification in their magick. For example instead of petitioning Osiris they would say ‘I, Osiris order ‘something’ to manifest’. ‘
    If my memory is correct Greeks didn’t do that and didn’t share the conviction that we can completely unite with divinity. They considered it possible for an aspect of a human but not the whole personality.

    I wonder if magick dealing with immortality aims at preserving yourself so you can pop out of the collective unconscious in your chosen form at any time after death. It would be a little like a digital mind making a backup copy accessible to its future personalities/incarnations. This copy of yourself could interact with your new incarnation . It could play the role of your guardian. A union with it would mean updating the backup to contain all new data and give you access to the old one. possibly containing many lifetimes of knowledge. It would fit with the role of Guardian spirit as psycho pomp. …

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  3. That’s a great insight Dana I would probably go with the Greeks. It’s impossible to erase our neurological imprints. We can try to transform them but for as long as we inhabit physical bodies we create the new ones constantly. For a god to be fully united with us he/she would need to choose one particular body to inhabit. Just like the christian Jesus- one of his.kind. That’s not how they do it.

    Crazy idea about immortality- who knows? that kind of makes sense actually. It’s equally possible that your guardian is your future self undertaking the healing, traveling down the memetic/genetic imprints and transforming them (I’ve done meditations of this kind). That theory would be a good explanation as to why the guardians seem so wise, Lol Crazy stuff either way

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