Abramelin Operation: the begining.

I began my Abramelin operation on 21.09.2015 and am currently in the third week. I have been preparing for it since I was seventeen.  It feels absolutely great to finally do it.

The first couple of weeks were preparatory, fine tuning the process. I ran into  issues with my oil lamp. I attempted to make my own one but after a week of using it I abandoned it. I could not get it to burn consistently. One morning I was in my meditation (eyes closed) to become slowly increasingly aware of a stench filling in the room. The wick went out and was smouldering. My HGA (Holy Guardian Angel) spoke to me with a certain amusement  ‘you are feeling burned out’.

My abramelin Altar with dysfunctional oil lamp on the right.

My abramelin Altar with dysfunctional oil lamp on the right.

I am waiting for a delivery of  a wick to fit into my old oil lamp I used during ‘Liber Astarte’. Meanwhile my HGA  instructed me on how to proceed. From reading the Book of Abramelin and other peoples accounts I figured my life will continue more or less as usual (to begin with). However Axan (Name of my Angel kindly permitted to be shared) had something else in mind. Not one day of my life went according to my plan. I was given simple but concrete instructions to follow which pretty much filled up my days.

Some might ask since I already know my HGA’s name and can converse with them, why do I bother doing Abramelin? I have long suspected that Axan is my HGA but wanted a formal, ritualistic confirmation of this. My main reason for doing Abramelin is to tune myself in properly. I do not like Axan just popping in and out randomly. I want to establish a strong and durable relationship that will help me progress in magick.


One of the tasks given to me by Axan.

After two and a half weeks I already see an amazing results from this work. Tuning in twice a day seems enough to address three very important issues in my life. The first one regards my obsession with making plans (which as I mentioned went out the window straight away). I never realised that being tied to tight schedule of my own making was creating so much stress. Nice to let go of it.

Second issue dealt with assertiveness and letting go of a sense of guilt in my family relationships. I was working on this one for a while now. I was able to place boundaries with my relatives before the operation but I still had a sense of guilt associated with it. It seems for now that its gone. Time will show of course.

The last big thing that changed regards my listening and communication skills. Again, I have been working on this intensely, especially over the last year. Doing Abramelin and having Axan advising and encouraging me does wonders to my confidence and with this comes much stronger control over emotions.


Altar with introduced changes.


To sum up I definitely had a chance to ruin this operation in its first weeks and I managed to see through it. I credit  principles of flexibility, humor and patience for my initial success.

I intend to write regular updates and share insights in the spirit of Free and Scientific Illuminism.  Axan fully endorses this idea and sends a beam of light to all of you my fellow Agents!


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  1. I almost forgot. Before I disappear into oblivion again (I feel terribly unbalanced at the moment and won’t go into detail too much), I also have problems to properly get the lamp to burn but discovered (and you probably already discovered this, but for the people who read this and run against the same problem) that the wick burns longer if you salt it. I usually could get it to burn for two or three Orations that way. But right now I’m using big yellow consecrated beeswax candles because salting new wicks every day became too much fuzz, and I use the lamp only for special occasions.

    But with special wicks and/or special olive oil (I tried different kinds of olive oil, but none seemed to make any difference, but I might not have found the right one though) it might work properly, but I can’t be sure because I got tired of trying.

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    • Thanks for the tip

      Some folks say that olive oil and other vegetable oils are too heavy for lamps and you need liquid paraffin or kerosene depending on the lamp. Others seem to do just fine with cooking oil.

      I read that you need to soak the whole wick for at least an hour before lighting it up as well. I will try to leave it overnight and see if it works.

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  2. Hello Dana,
    interestingly… I have just left (a rather messed up) comment for someone else who extensively mentions this ‘abramelin’ thang as well.
    Being me, as I always am….. I have heard of it, but never quite got interested enough to get around to finding out wot the hell it actually means. Ok, so I looked it up, and ok, I am now reminded that he is a Mage….. but I still don’t know what you folks are trying to achieve.
    what does ‘doing’ abramelin actually mean? It sounds to me that whatever it is, it takes a time to prepare, it’s very intense and er…..kinda painful?
    I think to read about these experiences, (although they are interesting in themselves anyway,) I kinda feel that I will need to have some idea what sort of thang you folks were believing in to get there.
    Perhaps it will be too difficult to explain it to someone who had little idea of the complicated stuff that one usually learns as one progresses, i know that I often ask a lot of you, but if you folks would give me a general idea, I will be happy. :-D

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  3. @trace In a nutshell:

    Abramelin Operation is a half year or longer practice where you do regular meditations and prayers in order to achieve Knowledge and Conversation of your Holy Guardian Angel (HGA)

    Many people understand what or who HGA is differently. I think you are acquainted with certain angel yourself and you know perfectly well how these entities scape definition.

    The Knowledge and Conversation suppose to be uniting yourself with HGA, gaining access to their knowledge and wisdom and be able to be in their presence full time.

    The painful bit comes from realising and facing what makes you separate from HGA here and now. Once you know it you need to deal with it. It can take time but you want it sorted straight away. I think that’s whats painful. Not a big deal really. (Ego likes to blow things out of proportion.)

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  4. Thank you @dana, I apologise for my lack of knowledge, as well as my lack of memory. now you have explained it in basic form, I am pretty sure I recall you mentioning it to me at least once before.
    Very interesting indeed, especially as I fortunately seem to be a little less clueless about this than I first thought.

    Now I am wondering if perhaps my very strange experiences of a while ago could in any way be likened to what you are doing right now.
    If …that could possibly be the case, then going by what was happening to me, I could totally understand why maybe yourself ….and most definitely @satura are having a pretty hard time of it.
    These daze, there is still a kinda vague presence, things have become distant and quiet, so …I doubt that anything approaching what you are seeking to achieve was in any way attained, but ….I still often find myself wanting to do it again, even though I had no idea what was going on at the time, I rather miss the closeness to be honest.
    I can’t recall how long the most intense part lasted, so I don’t have any time-frame for it, but I can say that it was my most bizarre/strange, initially very confusing but totally mind rewiring experience to date.
    It’s been a fair while now, and amongst many other things, which are also very hard to explain, I’m still slightly reeling with coming to terms with the parts of me that I didn’t even realise I was hiding from myself.
    Apart from everything else, It’s a long process to wipe away the conditioning and actually face and accept your real self.

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