Discovering Abramelin Oil and Incense


Macerated Abramelin Oil

I got my first copy of The book of Abramelin as soon as it was translated into English in 2006. I had already read the older translation by Macgregor Matters and became intrigued by the recipies for oil and incense. The idea of being able to recreate the scent inspired me. Reading about someone elses life and work can be illuminating intellectually but having a sensual experience seemed like taking it to a different level.

I feel that through recreating the oil and incense we can better understand the aim of the Abramelin Operation itself. The scent of the plants used will have a chemical effect on our body and mind. This contains multitudes of information we can not easily convey through verbal communication. We can only feel it for ourselves.


Calamus in a salad bowl.

The first time I decided to make some oil of my own I  learned about the differences between the recipes listed in different manuscripts of the book. Many practitioners have also noticed weird proportions of dry ingredients to olive oil. This intrigued me enough to begin my own research.

I began by studying the Holy Anointing Oil of the Bible and by looking at plant names and their taxonomy throughout history. I also began identifying candidates for Abramelin Oil ingredients and macerating oils using them. I wanted to try both fresh and dried ingredients were possible. I bought some fresh galangal root and even went to the trouble of growing acorus calamus in a salad bowl in my flat. I discovered that immersing myself in this process lead me to deep involvement with the world of plants and their spirits.

It has been 5 years since I macerated my first batch of the oil. My practical and theoretical research led me on a journey of discovery, experimentation, silliness and wisdom.  I feel it’s time to share my insights with the world.


Fresh galangal root.



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