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  1. @aariel My drawings tend not to come out very realistic to be honest. Aliens I dream of seem way more amazing than the drawing. The eyes definitely not so close together and smaller, surrounded by some sort of skin but no eye lid. Their skin much paler than the picture. I don’t think i could really draw what they look like.

    I dream more than one kind of greys. The other type has a darker skin and much more unpleasant look. I seem to dislike them because they seem fake somehow. I think the picture is vaguely in between. I intend it more as an abstract impression .

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  2. Martime Ashe says this type of music is good to convey a shamanic journey because of its repetitiveness. it resembles shamanic drumming. I always fall into trance when dancing and occassionally have experienced possesions. Never did a proper guided journey though (I mean in a club setting). That’s something i still need to try out.

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